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    Embrace Silky Smoothness

    Want Quick and Easy Hair Removal?

    Cindy Verified Buyer

    5 Stars

    Best Epilator I've Ever Bought!

    I've used several  brands over the years and this epilator exceeded  all expectations - honestly the best I've ever used!! It's really quick and easy to use... can't go wrong!

    Introducing! Perfect Skin Epilator

    No Stubble Hair Removal

    • Easy to Use & Easy to Clean
    • Anti-slip, Comfortable Ergonomic Design
    • 30mm Wide Epilator Head
    • Cordless Wet & Dry
    • Built in Light for Optimal Visibility
    • 2 Speed Functions

    The Secret is the Wide Head With 36 Tweezers

    With this one device you can epilate, body massage, exfoliate, shave and remove your calluses. Equipped with 36 tweezers with an ultra-fast disc rotation of up to 2,310 RPM for more efficient and fast hair removal with every move

    Every stroke gives you silky smooth skin instantly and is easy and comfortable to use!

    5-in-1 Beauty Treatment

    Gentle on All Hair and Skin Types

    The Epilator has a 30mm wide head to allow more skin coverage and faster hair removal. The curved design allows it to cover all areas with ease, including the knees and shins.

    Use the Body Massager Head gently massage and relax your muscles before epilating.

    Body Exfoliating Brush gently exfoliates the skin to remove dead skin cells, revealing silky smooth skin. 

    Callus Remover automatically buffs the skin to remove any visible calluses to reveal smooth skin

    The Shaver Head is designed to provide a close shave. For delicate areas, simply attach the trimmer cap – perfect for sensitive areas like your bikini line.

    Full Body Pampering with our 9 Detachable Accessories

    Use the Delicate Area Caps for Sensitive Areas, Upper Lip and Bikini Line!

    What's Included:

    1x Epilator Body

    1x Perfect Precision Epilator Head 

    1x Shaver Head

    1x Body Massager Head

    1x Callus Remover

    1x Shaver Attachment

    1x Body Exfoliating Brush

    1x Massage Head Cap

    1x Facial Cap (12mm)

    1x Delicate Area Cap (16mm)

    1x Skin Stretcher Cap

    1x USB Charging Cable

    1x Cleaning Brush

    30-Day Money Back Guarantee!*

    If you’re not happy with your products for ANY reason, simply send them back to us within 30 days for a full refund less the cost of shipping and processing. *See return policy for details.

    • Read Real Reviews
    • Directions


    • Attach the Epilator Head onto the Epilator base prior to use.
    • You can use the Thin Lizzy® Perfect Skin Epilator on wet or dry skin. Make sure the skin is free from creams, body lotions or moisturisers prior to use – these can be applied after use.
    • For gentle, more comfortable epilation, use the Thin Lizzy Perfect Skin Epilator after a bath or shower and on damp skin. However for best results, it is recommended that skin is completely dry when epilating to extract the finer, shorter hairs more effectively.
    • You may experience slight skin irritation after epilation including red skin, red dots or bumps. This is a common experience and should disappear over a few hours. We recommend epilating before bed/at night as any redness or skin irritation will usually disappear overnight.
    • You can use the Epilator Head to epilate your legs, underarms and bikini line.
    • Select Speed 2 for most efficient epilation
    • Select Speed 1 for areas with little hair growth and for hard-to-reach areas such as knees and ankles.
    • Select Speed 2 for larger areas with stronger hair growth.
    • Stretch the skin with your free hand to make the hairs stand upright.
    • Place the Epilator perpendicularly onto the skin with the ‘Power Button’ pointing in the direction in which you are going to move the Epilator.


    How can I get the best results?

    For best results, make sure your skin is clean, entirely dry and free from grease. Do not use any cream before you start epilating.

    Do you have any tips for epilating?

    Epilation is more comfortable when used right after taking a bath or shower and on damp skin. However for best results, it is recommended that skin is completely dry when epilating to extract the finer, shorter hairs more effectively. After epilation, you can apply a mild cream or lotion to help reduce any possible skin irritation.