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    Scientifically Proven: Witness Visible Results in 4 Weeks!

    Experience a full body makeover from the inside out!

    Scientifically Proven Age Reverse Collagen 

    Experience a full body makeover from the inside out!

    • Stimulates And Supports Collagen Production
    • Supports Skin Structure & Health
    • Firms & Smooths Skin, And Reduces Wrinkles
    • Increases Elastin Content & Skin Elasticity
    • Guaranteed Results, Less Than $1 A Day
    • Flavourless and Odourless, Dissolves Easily

    Beauty Backed By Science

    •  Skin
    • Hair
    • Nails
    • Cellulite

    How To Get Youthful Looking Skin

    Age Reverse Collagen is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Our collagen works in two ways:

    A dose of Age Reverse Collagen provides the vital amino acids, skin's building blocks, to build more youthful skin. Without amino acids, your body can't repair itself!

    Second, taking Age Reverse Collagen helps stimulate your body's own natural collagen production. It's like giving your skin a healthy boost, helping to smooth out wrinkles!

    More amino acids + jumpstarting your own collagen production = The one-two kickstart to more youthful skin!

    The Science

    Researchers found that participants who took Age Reverse Collagen once a day could see a significant reduction of eye wrinkles after one month. The results lasted well beyond the trial.


    How To Grow Hair Quicker 

    Improve the vitality and appearance of your hair with Age Reverse Collagen.

    Adding collagen helps the body spark its own collagen production. This help improve blood vessels' ability provide the hair root with the blood and nutrients it needs. The result? Your hair grows faster and stronger.

    Early testers of Age Reverse Collagen report experiencing thicker, shinier hair: "I don't have to worry about my hair breaking because it is so thick and healthy!" 

    The Science

    Age Reverse Collagen is bioactive, supporting the body two-fold: while providing your body with the essential amino acid “building blocks”, they also stimulate the body’s own collagen metabolism. More collagen means blood vessels are better supported to deliver more nutrients to the root, resulting in faster, healthier hair growth. 


    How To Get Strong Nails 

    Age Reverse Collagen supports the growth of healthy, strong, beautiful nails.

    Our collagen supports the body's blood vessels ability to deliver blood and nutrients to the nail bed. The result? Nails grow faster and stronger. Less cracking, chipping, and peeling! Plus: fewer ridges!

    Thoes who tried Age Reverse Collagen also reported seeing smoother, healthier-looking cuticles -- fewer painful hangnails! 

    Improves cuticle health!

    The Science

    In a study, participants who took a daily serve of Age Reverse Collagen saw cracked and or chipped nails reduced by almost half! Three-quarters of participants experienced faster nail growth. Four out of every five participants were happy with the improvements in their nails after taking Age Reverse Collagen. 


    How To Reduce The Look Of Cellulite 

    Skin's connective tissue degrades with age and lack of collagen. The result? More cellulite appears, as early as age 25.

    Age Reverse Collagen triggers the body's ability to produce its own collagen. The result? Skin "plumps" up. Dermal density improves. The skin on your thighs looks more taut and smooth -- less like dimply "orange skin".  

    The Science

    In a study of women aged 25 to 50, researchers found that taking Age Reverse Collagen once a day reduced skin waviness on thighs. Dermal density also improved -- less "orange skin"!


    The Secret Behind... 

    Age Reverse Collagen's Unique Formula

    Wrinkles Begin At Age 25

    Collagen is the most frequently found protein in the body, and the most important component of connective tissue, comprising around 30% of our total body protein. 

    Collagen is the major structural component of skin, mainly influencing skin's water-binding capacity, elasticity and external appearance (wrinkles).  

    As young as age 25, our body’s ability to repair itself slows down. We can't generate collagen as quickly as we once did. The body’s ability to maintain youthful skin lags. Skin elasticity decreases. Wrinkles and cellulite become more prominent. Hair and nails grow slower and weaker. 

    If the body cannot repair itself, you get weak and sick. No more youthful skin and strong hair and nails. It's that simple.  

    Powerful, Effective Collagen

    Age Reverse Collagen is all-natural collagen protein containing essential amino acids (protein building blocks).

    A unique hydrolysed process breaks down the collagen into small protein chains that are rich in bioactive collagen peptides.

    These short peptides are more easily absorbed, more quickly and extensively distributed, allowing our body to help create tighter skin; thicker, fuller hair; and stronger nails.

    Age Reverse Collagen Peptides are bioactive, supporting the body two-fold: they provide your body with the essential amino acid “building blocks”, they also stimulate the body’s own collagen production.

    Great Results With 5.5g A Day + Well-Balanced Diet

    Pro Tip: Doubling your servings per day will accelerate the visible results! 

    • The body gets a clinically proven dose of amino acids, the vital "building blocks" to rebuild and repair itself.
    • More collagen is being built up than broken down.
    • Important components of skin structure, such as Elastin, are produced in greater quantities.
    • Skin structure and elasticity improves, resulting in a smoother, youthful, more radiant complexion.
    • Stronger hair and nails can grow.
    • The appearance of cellulite and "orange skin" diminishes. 

    Additional Information

    20 Calories

    Per Serve

    100% Pure


    No Added


    Serving Suggestion 5.5g 

    (2 Heaped Teaspoons)

    Age Reverse Collagen Peptides is unflavoured and odourless, and dissolves instantly in both cold and hot liquids, Add two heaped teaspoons to water, juice, coffee, tea, milk, yoghurt, milk-based drinks, smoothies or your favourite recipe as preferred

    Each Serving Contains

    Five grams of 100% pure (non-GMO) hydrolysed collagen peptides specifically selected for collagen biosynthesis in skin and other tissues. 


    The bovine collagen protein used in Age Reverse is manufactured in accordance with the strictest global food standards and is safe for human consumption

    Nutrition Information

    Servings size: 2 Heaped Teaspoons (5.5g)

    Average Quantity per Serving

    Average Quantity per 100 g



    1,530 kJ


    5 g

    90 g

    - gluten

    0 g

    0 g

    Fat Total

    0 g

    0 g

    - saturated

    0 g

    0 g


    0 g

    0 g

    - sugars

    0 g

    0 g


    0.011 g

    0.2 g

    Frequently Asked Questions About Collagen

    What is collagen protein powder?

    Collagen protein powder is a nutritional supplement that can often be referred to by different names:

    • collagen powder
    • collagen peptide powder
    • collagen hydrosolate
    • collagen creamer

    A collagen powder supplement provides easily digestible protein to help the body’s ability to improve and maintain healthy skin, hair and nails.

    There are 28 known and different types of collagen. Age Reverse Collagen Peptides provide a pure dose of Type 1 and Type 3 collagen with no fillers, helping maintain beautiful skin, nails and hair from the inside out.

    Is Age Reverse collagen for Vegans and Vegetarians? 

    Unfortunately Age Reverse Collagen is not suitable for Vegans or Vegetarians as our collagen is made from bovine

    What are hydrolysed collagen peptides? 

    Collagen is a protein. Proteins are made up of chains of amino acids. Partially hydrolysed collagen means that the collagen we use in the formulation has been cut down in size and are easier for the body to process.

    What do collagen powders do?

    Collagen supplements revive the body’s ability to generate its own collagen. Collagen is the most commonly found protein in our bodies. And while our bodies can and do product collagen on their own, this process can slow as we age.

    Adding collagen peptides to a healthy diet can help provide the body the signals it needs to jumpstart and stimulate its own natural collagen production.

    The result? Beautiful, younger looking skin, and healthier nails and hair.

    A daily serve of Age Reverse Collagen Peptides powder and a healthy diet that includes a variety of lean protein sources such as milk, yoghurt, and lean fish and meat can help provide all the amino acids the body requires to maintain health and beauty.

    Is it safe to take collagen peptides?

    Yes! Age Reverse Collagen Peptides powder is safe. This collagen powder is pure protein, easily digestible, lactose-free and gluten-free. Experts say collagen peptides have excellent “bioavailability”, meaning they are easily absorbed by the body.

    The bovine collagen protein used in Age Reverse is manufactured in accordance with the strictest global food standards and is safe for human consumption.

    Are marine collagen powders more natural than other collagen powders?

    No. Most collagen powders tend to come from animal by-products, and marine collagen is no exception. Marine collagen products come from fish, which have very little collagen, and due to the relatively low levels of available collagen found in marine collagen products, they are expensive, and you need to use twice as much to attain the same benefits.

    Age Reverse Collagen Peptides consist of pure Type 1 and Type 3 bovine collagen. Our collagen peptides are specific, powerful and effective. Each container is a great value, providing 75 days worth of easily digestible collagen to maintain youthful looking skin, hair and nails. 

    Does drinking collagen powder really work?

    Yes! Studies do show that people who take collagen supplements can see improvements in skin elasticity and the appearance of wrinkles. 

    How long does collagen powder take to work? 

    With consistent use of collagen, study observers could see results in their participants in about four weeks. One container of Age Reverse Collagen Peptides can provide 10 weeks of daily serves

    Can I take collagen powders if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?

    While collagen peptides are safe, any addition of dietary supplements should be discussed with your midwife, GP, or other medical professional.

    Will collagen help tighten loose or “crepey skin”? 

    Age Reverse Collagen Peptides can help with the appearance of loose or “crepey skin”. With the addition of collagen to a healthy diet, as more collagen builds up in the skin, the appearance of firmer skin improves. 

    Will collagen help with cellulite? 

    The collagen similar to that in Age Reverse Collagen Peptides may be able to improve the appearance of cellulite. In one study, participants claim that the look dimples and skin on the thighs improved.

    Will collagen help with hair loss? 

    Blood vessels require collagen to supply hair follicles with nutrients. The addition of collagen peptides to a healthy diet supports the body’s natural collagen production, potentially helping hair grow faster and stronger. 

    Will collagen help with weight loss?

    Collagen powders, when included as part of a healthy diet with a variety of protein sources, can provide a sense of satiety. A serve of Age Reverse Collagen Peptides is only 75 kJ/18 calories and provides 5g of collagen.

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