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    Get The Look — glam makeup

    5 Minutes to Fabulous!

    5 Minutes to Fabulous!

    Are you ready to glow? Follow our how-to video for a quick and easy look you’ll love!

    Start with Illuminating Primer. Apply with a foundation brush over the entire face, adding more where you need more glow, like on your upper cheekbones.

    Next is concealer. You can use a slightly lighter shade under the eyes to brighten this area, no more than one shade lighter than your natural skin tone. Our model is using Thin Lizzy Concealer Crème in Angel. Dot under the eyes and blend in with your Thin Lizzy Blending Sponge. Add a touch of concealer over any other areas of redness or discolouration, or to cover any blemishes. Unless you’re using it to highlight or brighten, concealer should be a perfect match for your skin tone.

    Apply eyeshadow. Using your Triple Effect Warm Collection, brush the Whisper shade over the entire lid, blending for a seamless finish.

    Using the duo eye pencil, line the upper lashes right above the lash bed, working the pencil in carefully along the lash line. Soften the line out with an angled brush.

    For your upper lashes, add Max Lash Mascara.

    To add the finishing touch, use Velvet Lip Crème in Mulled Wine. Add a few dots of colour to the apple of the cheeks and slightly up the cheekbone, blending in with your fingers. Pat the colour into your lips with your fingertip, and then blend in with a lip brush.

    To create this radiant, effortless look, you’ll need:

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    Get the Look for Valentines Day

    Get the Look for Valentines Day

    Welcome to the first ever Thin Lizzy Blog Post!

    We’ll be posting regularly with all the tips and tricks you need to create gorgeous, unique looks in minutes with your favourite Thin Lizzy products, plus there’ll be special offers and discounts especially for our readers!

    We want you to get the very best from all your Thin Lizzy makeup, and it’s easy when you know how. The Thin Lizzy range is designed to deliver high quality and exceptional value so all our customers can look and feel their very best!

    Valentines Date Night is upon us!

    Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year and the perfect opportunity to get glammed up for a date night.

    If you’ve got a significant other in your life, you might want to go full doe-eyed beauty to shimmer like a Hollywood starlet under the soft lights of a restaurant.

    Watch @danickathomas_ create this glowy, date night look with her favorite Thin Lizzy products

    Products Used:

    Thin Lizzy Flawless Complexion Liquid Foundation

    thin lizzy flawless complexion concealer creme

    Thin Lizzy Foundation Blurring Brush

    Thin Lizzy Beauty Blender Blending Sponge

    ...Or are you getting glam for GALentines?

    If that special someone remains elusive, a celebration of singledom with your best girlfriend’s beckons! A more seductive look could be in order; we're thinking:

    • Smoky eye shadow
    • Winged eyeliner
    • Bold red lipstick
    • Effortlessly tousled hair.

    You never know, this may just be the night when Cupid’s arrow strikes!

    Products Used:

    Thin Lizzy Flawless Complexion Liquid Foundation

    Thin Lizzy Max Lash 3D Fibre Mascara

    We've got all the inspiration you need at How To Beauty!

    For some EXTRA Valentine’s Day beauty inspiration, check out the video clips below from our Get the Look competition. They feature real Thin Lizzy users just like you creating stunning date night looks in minutes using your favourite Thin Lizzy products.

    Video by: @hazelpaints

    Video by: @missqrd


    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    Lizzy x