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    How To Beauty

    Post-Summer Skin Essentials

    Post-Summer Skin Essentials


    It is time to say a sad goodbye to summer...

    ...and begin to brace ourselves for the cold winter months, but that doesn't mean you have to give up your fresh, sun-kissed, glowing complexion just yet. We are here with a variety of skin tips you can use you hold onto your healthy summer skin!

    Firstly, be careful of winter-time skin risks: harsh cold winds, drying indoor heat, sun deprivation, heavier makeup and oil based skincare. These elements stress the skin, contribute to product buildup and an all over dull complexion…

    Secondly, start the season fresh by cleaning that makeup bag, or treating yourself to a new one. Followed by wiping down the remaining products with baby wipes.

    Lastly, those brushes need a thorough wash so no nasties are transferred from brush, to product and onto your skin!

    Try our Instant Brush Cleaner , it will deep-clean and completely dry your brushes in seconds!

    Or if for an at-home remedy, a great technique is to massage raw coconut oil into the bristles before rinsing in warm water with a bit of baby shampoo (far more gentle than normal soap)!

    DIY Beach Body Detox Scrub

    This formula uses Sesame Oil to nourish, Eucalyptus to purify and Caffeine to firm.


    1/2 Cup fine grain sea salt.
    1/2 Cup finely ground coffee beans.
    1/2 Cup sesame oil.
    1/2 Teaspoon eucalyptus essential oil.

    How to Apply:

    • Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl and store in an airtight container/jar.

    • Use on damp skin in the shower with long, firm semicircular movements to activate the ingredients.
    • Really focus on the knees and elbows. Rinse well.
    • Don’t forget to use a deeply hydrating body cream or oil within three minutes of drying off.

    Skincare Ingredient Essentials

    Vitamin C:

    This powerful antioxidant neutralises age-causing free radicals on the skin, while building collagen. It also improves brightness, tone and texture of the skin.

    We recommend...

    Vitamin C Suspension 30% in Silicone

    The Ordinary


    Fresh Pressed 7-Day Serum with Pure Vitamin C



    Energy C Complex Serum



    Hyaluronic Acid:

    The ultimate solution for moisture retention in your skin. When applied topically it draws moisture to the outer layers of your skin, plumping out fine lines and wrinkles.

    It’s also fantastic for wound healing and the ideal hydrator for acne-prone skin.

    We recommend...

    Marine Hyaluronics

    The Ordinary


    Dragon's Bloog Hyaluronic Mask



    Illusion Hyaluronic Skin Tint




    An essential for stimulating delicate skin around the eyes, decreasing fluid build up which can cause dark circles and

    We recommend...

    Caffeine Solution 5% +EGCG

    The Ordinary


    GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream



    Eye Revive Flashpatch 5-Minute Hydrogels



    Retinol (Vitamin A):

    Your #1 tool in the fight against ageing.

    Retinol (Vitamin A) works deep in the skin to increase cell turnover. It has a powerful effect on fading dark spots caused from photo-ageing, hormonal changes, hyper pigmentation and blemish scars.

    Also, retinol is commonly used to treat breakouts and acne.

    We recommend...

    Granactive Retinoid 2% Emulsion

    The Ordinary


    Ferulic + Retinol Wrinkle Recovery Overnight Serum

    Dr. Dennis Gross


    Post Peel 1% Retinol Concentrate




    Helps maintain the skins PH balance, whilst offering cooling and soothing properties which help reduce redness from irritated skin.

    It also contains antibacterial properties, aiding in scar and wound healing.

    A facial spritzer with rosewater is just what you need in seasonal transition months with changing humidity levels to keep things in line.

    We recommend...

    Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs & Rosewater

    Mario Badescu


    Pure Rosewater




    So go, nurture your skin and don't let winter get you down!


    Lizzy x

    Beauty Hack: Makeup for your Face Shape

    Beauty Hack: Makeup for your Face Shape

    Every face shape holds their own assets and obstacles when it comes to makeup application...

    Of course we all have our own perception of beauty and desires to highlight or downplay certain facial attributes differently. However, we believe its important to have some understanding of your own face shape and its features.

    PLUS we are passing on some great makeup tips to accentuate your favourite features specially catered to your face shape!

    Round Faces

    Face length and cheekbones have a similar measurement. Slightly larger than the forehead and chin. The angle of the jaw is soft.

    We want to visually narrow the sides of the face while creating the illusion of length towards the middle.

    How-To Tips:

    • HIGHLIGHT: The chin, cupids bow, bridge of the nose, centre of the forehead and the highest point of the cheekbones. Use the Thin Lizzy Concealer Creme in a shade or two lighter than your foundation!

    • CONTOUR: The hairline at the sides of the forehead blending down the temples. Below the cheekbones, taking it down slightly towards the jawline - adding a little under the jawline too will add depth.

    • BLUSH: Applied correctly a little blush can actually slim and lift your features. The technique to make your cheeks pop without adding unnecessary volume is to apply at the edge of the cheekbone, not underneath and don't take the colour too close to your nose either.

    • EYES: Winged eyeliner has a slimming effect above fuller cheeks and creates a beautiful balance to those soft features you possess.  


    Heart Faces

    Typically wider at the forehead and comes to a point at the chin. You may also have a widow’s peak in the middle of your hairline.

    We want to add a bit of width and softness to the bottom half of the face while reducing the width of the forehead to add balance.

    How-To Tips:

    • HIGHLIGHT: The centre of your chin, middle of your forehead and inner corners of your eyes.

    • CONTOUR: Along the hairline from the top working down towards the temples. Under the cheekbones, from the top of the ear to the centre of your
      cheek and a light dust to the tip of your chin.

    • BLUSH: Take care not to get too close to your nose when applying blush if your cheeks are already quite full, as this will add further volume. Try a two
      finger distance from nose to cheek as the starting point. Work the product upwards towards your temples.

    • BROWS: Best kept wild and natural. Try a clear eyebrow gel to feather them up and out if you are dealing with sparse hairs.

    • EYES: Heart face shapes can really pull off eyeliner looks and smoky eyes. Some liquid eyeliner on the top lid works effortlessly and a cat eye will add balance - try ourPerfect Wing Eyeliner Stamp

    Source: Pinterest


    Oval Faces

    Characterised by a wider forehead with cheekbones that taper down to a narrower chin with a slight curve. The length of your face is larger than the width of your cheekbones.

    You, my friend, have the face of symmetry makeup artists dream of! This means you have a fair amount of freedom with different makeup trends. However you may want to ‘slightly’ elongate the face and accentuate the bone structure. 

    How-To Tips:

    • HIGHLIGHT: Above the cheekbones to pull them up and forward. Along the brow bone, the middle of the forehead and chin. If the forehead is shorter you can also add some directly into the middle front of the hairline.

    • CONTOUR: Use sparingly on sides of your forehead & under your cheekbones (from the top of the ear to the middle of the cheek). As you don't require an awful amount of contouring we suggest just sticking to a bronzer, like the 6in1 Professional Powder

    • BLUSH: Lightly apply colour to the apples of your cheeks, blending upwards along the cheekbones. You can also add a touch to the temples.

    • BROWS: Keep the focus on the arch of your brow.

    • EYES: One rule for the oval face is to focus on one feature at a time when it comes to eyes and lips. If you are doing a bold or smoky eye, be sure to keep your lip colour nutral, and vice versa. It’s all about keeping the balance right and not overwhelming focus.


    Square Faces

    A square or sharp edged jaw is a good indicator of a square-shaped face. The jaw, cheekbones and forehead should appear equal in width.

    The aim with this shape is to soften and balance out angular edges.


    How-To Tips:

    • HIGHLIGHT: The middle of your forehead, under-eyes and centre of the face. Add a touch along the brow bone and on the centre of the chin

    • CONTOUR: Apply along the hairline at the sides of the forehead and under the jawline in an upward motion, focusing on the areas that are most angular. Use a fluffy brush for this application as it will give you a softer finish, we aren't after any harsh edges - try our Flawless Fibre Brush 
    • BLUSH: Directly to the apples of your cheeks and blended out to soften. Just
      be sure not to blend out too horizontally and this will exaggerate your angles.

    • EYES: Be sure to stick with soft circular shapes for eye makeup, this is the ideal contrast that creates the most flattering balance. Try a glam halo eye or a soft shimmer.

    So go and have a play with your bone structure and facial features. Balance these ideas above with your own style for a makeup method that works for YOU.

    Lizzy x

    Get the Look for Valentines Day

    Get the Look for Valentines Day

    Welcome to the first ever Thin Lizzy Blog Post!

    We’ll be posting regularly with all the tips and tricks you need to create gorgeous, unique looks in minutes with your favourite Thin Lizzy products, plus there’ll be special offers and discounts especially for our readers!

    We want you to get the very best from all your Thin Lizzy makeup, and it’s easy when you know how. The Thin Lizzy range is designed to deliver high quality and exceptional value so all our customers can look and feel their very best!

    Valentines Date Night is upon us!

    Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year and the perfect opportunity to get glammed up for a date night.

    If you’ve got a significant other in your life, you might want to go full doe-eyed beauty to shimmer like a Hollywood starlet under the soft lights of a restaurant.

    Watch @danickathomas_ create this glowy, date night look with her favorite Thin Lizzy products

    Products Used:

    Thin Lizzy Flawless Complexion Liquid Foundation

    thin lizzy flawless complexion concealer creme

    Thin Lizzy Foundation Blurring Brush

    Thin Lizzy Beauty Blender Blending Sponge

    ...Or are you getting glam for GALentines?

    If that special someone remains elusive, a celebration of singledom with your best girlfriend’s beckons! A more seductive look could be in order; we're thinking:

    • Smoky eye shadow
    • Winged eyeliner
    • Bold red lipstick
    • Effortlessly tousled hair.

    You never know, this may just be the night when Cupid’s arrow strikes!

    Products Used:

    Thin Lizzy Flawless Complexion Liquid Foundation

    Thin Lizzy Max Lash 3D Fibre Mascara

    We've got all the inspiration you need at How To Beauty!

    For some EXTRA Valentine’s Day beauty inspiration, check out the video clips below from our Get the Look competition. They feature real Thin Lizzy users just like you creating stunning date night looks in minutes using your favourite Thin Lizzy products.

    Video by: @hazelpaints

    Video by: @missqrd


    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    Lizzy x